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Top Features

Unlimited Editable QR-Codes

Create an unlimited number of Dynamic QR-Codes, allowing you to maintain the design of your QR-Code while modifying its URL endlessly.

Unlimited Standard QR-Codes

Create an unlimited number of personalized Static QR-Codes by yourself or with our 450+ templates.

QR-Codes with Multi-Links

Create a QR-Code that combines multi-links (websites, social media, event…) in a single Dynamic QR-Code. Get real-time click-throughs on your links.​

Tailor-Made QR-Codes

Create your 100% customizable and unique QR-Code from an endless choice of colors and gradients.

460+ Templates

Access to 460+ high quality themed templates by collections (popular, new, event, business and more) to enhance your QR-Code.

vCard Plus

Share all your informations (phone, address, social medias, website and more) with a QR-Code on a Digital Business Card.

Others Features

Scan Notifications

Receive instant notification every time someone scans your QR-Code.

Tracking Analytics

Track users interactions and get graphs to evaluate performance of your QR-Code per day, week, month and year.

Color Palette

Take a photo and get the associated color codes. Add your graphic chart to create your QR-Code.

Quality Check

Before final QR-Code export, analyze the URL and content to ensure that the information is correct.


Add the Widget to your iPhone homepage for faster access to the app and analytics.

Export by Batches

To adapt your QR-Code to the communication medium of your choice, you can export it in .png, .jpg, .pdf format and print it in batches.

Unlimited Scans

As well as creating your own QR-Codes, you can also scan an unlimited number of them.

Synchronized History

Check all your scanned and created QR-Codes to reuse and/or reprint them.

What our Users are Saying 💬


Greedy Girly – I’m so thankful someone recommended this app to easily allow others access to my website. I’m not tech savvy so this app is perfect for me. It’s easy to use and easy to track scans. When I encountered a small hiccup, the staff responded to my question fast. Great product with excellent customer service.


Jesus our Redeemer – One of the best most reliable QR creator out here in the market.


Realtor Michael – I love this app. My favorite feature is the multi-link option.
I feel like it can be a little more organized but aside from that it gets the job done and I would highly recommend this app.


Realtor Michael – I love this app. My favorite feature is the multi-link option.
I feel like it can be a little more organized but aside from that it gets the job done and I would highly recommend this app.


Danzo505 – Super great app, I don’t give reviews often
but I needed a QR code for my business and this app made it easy.


Mo4738 – I’ve tried so many other apps for QR fire and this is the best by far.


KittyCatriona – Love this app. Simple quick and boom access to my content through the latest technology.

The Answer to your Question may be Here

You can create a 100% customized QR-Code using color gradients, custom icons, many frames, pixels, eyes and pupils shapes or pick one of our 460+ templates.

Your QR-Code can redirect to a URL, social medias, contact, wifi, sms, phone number, e-mail, vCard,web page with multiple links (Multi-Links feature), vCard Plus and more.

Thanks to the « Quality Check » feature, you can check whether the content of your QR-Code is valid.

No you must use the « Multi-Links » feature lets you add several URLs (websites, social medias, etc.) and redirect the person scanning your QR-Code to a single web page.

This is only possible with Dynamic QR-Codes.

You can export your QR-Code in .png, .jpg, .pdf format and print it in batches.

The Static QR-Code is useful if you want to share any URL that will not be modified over time.

If you need to modify the URL as much as you like, but want to keep the QR-Coode on the medium (e.g. flyer, piece of art, book, etc.), this is the ideal solution.

The duration of a Static QR-Code is unlimited in time. 

Dynamic QR-Code works as long as your app subscription is active.

This is made possible by the editable « vCard plus » feature, which allows you to create a virtual business card containing all your contact information.

You can also create a simulated vCard with Static QR-Code.


You can see by creating a Dynamic QR-Code. You’ll receive a notification every time someone scans your QR-Code.

By creating a Dynamic QR-Code, in addition to having access to scan notifications, you can also get analytics with the number of scans per day, month and year.

My QR Code Generator is only available on iOS, iPadOS and macOS (Apple Silicon).

We have a monthly or yearly subscription with unlimited statics and dynamics QR-codes, vCard Plus, Multi-Links, 460+ templates and more features.

Subscription and payment are done on the Paywall in the app.

You can manage your subscription by yourself from your App Store account. Here is the link from Apple support on how to do it. It’s Apple who manages this part and I can’t do anything, only you can do it.


If you do not see My QR Code Generator in the list of your current subscriptions, you are not / no longer subscribed.

Contact us via the contact form in the My QR Code Generator app.

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